Tuesday, August 9, 2011


 Well...I did get dressed today, and I did take pictures and then from the cursory glance I took I decided they were hideous and not worthy of blogging. OK, so maybe not EVERY minute of EVERY day do I feel fabulous! there, I confessed, it's not a unique feeling to me I know. I've been very busy with work, and I am working on something for the blog that you'll be seeing later this week that I thought maybe today I'd get arrested for! More on that later! Since I'm so not feeling fabulous today, I'd like to introduce you to some other fabulous people that I am loving right now and who have lifted my spirits with support!
Meet B. Inspired of Bravoe Runway...She has been so darling and supportive, and hello, look at her! Please go visit and see why I adore her blog!
Now, go visit Lee Oliveira, he takes the most incredible street style pictures I have ever seen! He has an incredible eye and amazing talent, and he has been so cool and supportive of me almost since I started blogging two months ago! I am so grateful of his kind words and unbelievable talent and inspiration!
Now, go see Misty at An Unpretentious Teacher...hello, look at this whole sexy librarian thing she has going here! I love her blog, and she recently posted a link to me! How sweet is that? Show her some love...she's a teacher, a mother and stylish! Triple threat!
You also MUST Go See Dr. Regina at Her Perfect Black Dress! She posts the most terrific tips and information, she is absolutely lovely...and as a sexuality educator, I have to say I adore that she wrote a post on condoms! Hello!
Then head to Aqui. First of all, the scenery of some of her shots are amazing! She lives in Hawaii people! She stops by Just fab and gives great comments and is gorgeous and stylish!
For some vintage shopping and blog inspiration, you must go see Steffy! Steffy's Pro's and Cons has quickly become a favorite daily read of mine...and I'm sure I'll be making some purchases soon too...so keep posted!

I know there are more lovelies I want to acknowledge, and I promise I will. Don't forget the ladies I posted about here too!
See you here tomorrow!