Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Beautiful day!

Today it was finally NOT unbearably hot and muggy! There was a cool breeze, sunny skies and warm weather, it was a beautiful day...until I was sitting on a wall outside of the building I was training at, talking to participants when the wind blew and my skirt went up! Ummmmm, yup, they definitely saw my underwear! I love this skirt, especially paired with a relaxed tee...but I won't be wearing it again on a windy day!
Skirt, Earrings and Gold Bangle:B.Moss/Tee and Beaded Bracelet:Target/Ring:LOFT/Silver Bangles:H&M/Blue RESPECT bracelet:Special Olympics/Shoes:TJ Maxx/Shine Necklace:The Shine Project/Elephant Necklace and Belt:Ruche