About me

I am a mother living in suburban Pennsylvania and this is my fashion blog! There are multiple reasons why I probably shouldn't have a fashion blog:
1. I am a mother of three children, two of whom are teens...therefor, I think I'm supposed to wear "mom jeans" and sweats only!
2. I work in Human Services (well two jobs in Human Services and one in "academia", teaching at a local university), so, I will never be rich and couldn't possibly afford great clothes!
3. I am a feminist, and apparently that means I should wear camo and boots only!
4. I work three jobs and have three kids! How could there possibly be time for a blog, and one about fashion no less!
5. I live in suburban Pennsylvania, am over the age of 30 and couldn't possibly be trendy or cool or have access to anything either trendy or cool...besides the "mom jeans" of course!
6. I have psoriasis, so I should probably be covered from head to toe in white gauze.

Now, there are also multiple reasons why I have decided I most certainly should have a blog:
1. I am a mother of three children, two of whom are teens, and I refuse to ever wear "mom jeans" or give up style. My kids think I'm lame, I can at least pretend that I'm fabulous!
2. I work in Human Services and have THREE jobs in addition to raising THREE kids, I need some fun in my life! Fashion is fun! I'll never be rich, but I can look great!
3. I am a feminist, this is not an ideology that relegates me to boots and camo! As a feminist, I fully accept and adore my womanhood!
4. ...well, I really don't have time, I'm working on squeezing that 25th hour into a day.
5. I live in suburban Pennsylvania and I love it, and there is no reason we can't at least pretend to be trendy and cool in mini-van central! (I don't happen to own a mini-van, but I see plenty around!)
6. I have psoriasis, and it really doesn't matter! I can still look great, and hopefully inspire someone else with psoriasis to flaunt it!