Monday, August 8, 2011

Undercover Tots

I absolutely love this dress. It is a very lightweight knit that is comfortable in the summer and I really can just throw it on and look good!
There is one issue though...see that scarf? it's very strategically placed to hide my tots. "The girls" as some may call them are rather exposed in this dress as it's so low cut. Typically, I wear a tank underneath, but today I decided to go with a scarf.
My tots have been through a lot, they've never been in abundance, they nursed three children and as I'm now tipping the scales toward late 30's, gravity is doing it's work as well! -brief pause here to give it up to Victoria's Secret. The Wonder Bra really is a wonder...keeps my tots where they should be instead of tucked into my belt where they would be without it!-

So, I have many reasons for keeping "the girls" undercover, but more than gravity, nursing or itty bitty size, my concern is for modesty. I have never felt comfortable exposing too much skin. I want people to see me not the jubblies! (have you ever noticed that when there is exposed cleavage in a room everyone is compelled to stare at just can't help it!) While it's probably not fair, we are judged first and foremost by appearance, I want my appearance to say something other than "I may or may not be lactating," and I want people to see me. I know some women are happy to flaunt their "funbags" and I'm not judging, if you're OK with it, go for it! But as for me, I'll keep my tots under wraps...I don't think I have to bare all to be sexy, in fact, I'm hopeful that it's sexier to leave something to the imagination (but please stop imagining my tots now-thanks!)
Dress:Calvin Klein/Scarf:Gap/Belt:thrifted/Earrings:Target/Shoes:American Eagle for Payless/Toggle Bracelet:Tiffany/Ring:Trendz The Salon Spa/