Sunday, August 7, 2011

Playing the Accordion (pleats that is)

My current love is with accordian pleats, short, midi or maxi it doesn't matter,I'm just in love!
Today I'm wearing my thrifted black accordion skirt. For some reason, our local thrift store has multiple accordion skirts and dresses, I had to sort through before deciding exactly which one to take home! Also, I'm fibbing a little...I WAS wearing this BEFORE I decided I needed to scrub my house. Accordion pleats are versatile and comfy, but probably not the best choice for heavy duty cleaning! So, NOW I'm wearing shorts and a Tee, but we'll pretend I still look like this. deal? K, good!
 Sweater and Skirt:Thrifted/Shoes:TJ Maxx/Ring and Eleohant Necklace:Ruche/Shine Necklace:The Shine Project

Meanwhile, I started blogging almost two months ago now, and I'm wondering how it's going? I'm having fun, but do you have any thoughts or tips? things you'd like to see more or less of? Let me know! I really value your thoughts on the matter!

And now that we know I'm in love with accordion pleats, what is your favorite trend?