Friday, August 5, 2011

A Changing Relationship

This is my first time participating in The Shine Project challenge.
This week it is to write about a relationship that has changed our lives. I struggled with this because there have been so many impact filled relationships in my life, from my kids to family, to friends to my partner James. The more I reflected the more I realized that the one relationship which impacted all of those and me in a significant was my relationship with myself! I know, you just threw up in your mouth a little. "Is the woman really saying that she is the most important relationships she has?!" Well don't stop will soon make sense, hopefully!
Shoes:Thrifted/Shirt and Scarf:Target/Pants:Kols/Necklace:Ruche/Earrings c/o:Lia Sophia (Natasha)
Once upon a time I was my worst enemy. For most of my life, I was my harshest critic, I beat myself up, I judged myself harshly and believed I would never be smart enough, pretty enough or good enough. Judging myself meant I also judged and compared myself to others. If you're busy competing with others to prove to yourself you're the best, it is very difficult to have really deep connection to others!
Eventually, thanks to a mentor and friends, I was introduced to some new ideas including non-violent communication, and my relationship with me began to change. I learned how to forgive myself and accept myself. When I could see the beauty in me, I was open to the beauty in others and it changed my world! I no longer needed to judge others, because I wasn't judging me (well, I sometimes still do, but then I forgive myself for it and accept my mistakes). This means that I can accept everyone else as they are and be completely open to everything they have to offer as the unique individuals they are!
So maybe it sounds cheesy, or even conceited, but it's one of the reasons I started this blog! we are all so beautiful, full of skill and passion and love and when we can see it in ourselves we let go of hate, competition and fear, and embrace the fabulosity that is in everyone! So, yes, the most important relationship that has changed my life is my relationship with me. I have become a better mother, daughter, partner, friend, sister... human being!