Friday, July 1, 2011

NOT a size two!

Well...I'm officially on "staycation" for the next week and this evening we kicked off our weekend at the Arts and Heritage Festival. It's a great event, featuring artists of all kinds, from all over and then there's the festival food! mmmmmmm mommy likey! I would have had pictures of curly fries covered in cheese, but alas the batteries ran out on the camera!
Cutest Alpaca ever at the petting zoo at the Arts and Heritage Festival...Ashton wouldn't go near it!
Ashton got her face painted, it looks great but we couldn't get pictures of the final product since the camera batteries died :(

Me...watching Ashton get her face painted

 Dress and Bracelets:H&M/Shoes:Payless/Purse and Earrings:Ruche/Necklace:Lane Bryant/Sunnies:Trendz the Salon Spa/Belt:Target
I was thrilled with my wardrobe choice this evening...I was very comfortable. This dress however, is most definitely NOT in my size! I picked it up at H&M because it was marked down to $5! Hello, great price! So I rummaged through the rack to find it in my size. When I got home and started removing tags to prepare my awesome clothes for their fabulous unveiling, I found that I had in fact picked up this dress in a size two! I was heart broken and informed James that I would have to make the half hour drive back to H&M to return it. Then that astute partner of mine said..."but why? It looks like it will fit." Laughter of the hysterical kind was my reaction, as I am NOT nor have I ever been a size two! At genius partner's suggestion, I put the dress on...and it fit! Again...I AM MULTIPLE SIZES ABOVE A SIZE TWO! The really sad part is that I was elated to fit into a two, and then I felt ridiculous. I need to love me as me, I love everyone else exactly as they are...why would I even want for a second to fit into that socially constructed and completely unattainable idea of beauty? So...I'm wearing the dress, because I was too lazy to take it back, and it's a great dress even if it is the wrong size, and I'm working on loving me for I am...NOT a size two!


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