Thursday, June 30, 2011

And now, for something a little different

A friend of mine the other day, raised a challenge. She mentioned Steampunk Couture, and I told her I wasn't nearly cool enough! Steampunk Couture is a fairly new independent fashion house with a focus on "Neo-Victorian, Sci-Fi, and Shabby Chic fashion." The designs are INCREDIBLE!
Check it out
As a working mom of 3 kids in suburban Pennsylvania, I may not get the chance to wear such incredible designs, but I decided to give them a little "nod" today. I did my best to look "moody" in the pics, but I'm not so good at that and ended up laughing between each one! 
See! oh well, I tried! I love this dress because it does give a little nod to good ol' Victoria and whenever I wear it I get buckets of compliments. I was however asked NOT to wear this outfit to work, told it was too distracting...I'm thinking it was the tights? Anyway, there is a first time for everything, I've never been asked to NOT wear something before, I'm typically a very "good little girl"!

Dress and Ring:Ruche/Tights:Target/Earrings:Avon/Shoes:Kohl's/Necklace:Lane Bryant


Doug said...

I always saw you fitting into this style. Seriously cool, as always!!

FAB said...

Thanks Doug! Must be my pale complexion! Lol

Fashion Addict said...

I like your outfit and I think you look good, but that's unfortunate that you were asked not to wear that outfit to work. Maybe it was the tights, but I think it's fine still. I guess there really is a first for everything!

FAB said...

Thanks! I can't say I find it inappropriate myself...but that's OK, I'll just wear it outside of work...I'll have more fun in it that way! :)