Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Head to Toe

 Today I wore head to toe black. Black isn't just for funeral's, nor should anyone feel like it is their only uniform for a slimming effect! Truly, any monochromatic scheme lengthens the body...don't wear black because you think you have to...wear it because you want to do so fabulously!
 I was in Pittsburgh again all day to day for training, and once again dressed not only for "fabulosity" but also for comfort! I was comfortable sitting in the car, sitting in the training and moving around the room during our group presentations. Speaking of which, there is nothing more fun than asking a room full of adult "professionals" to name all the female body parts! Talk about to head to toe! I truly have the best jobs ever!
 Skirt: Banana Republic (thrifted) Remixed/Tee:Target/Shoes:Payless/Sunnies and ring: Trendz the Salon Spa/Cuff:gift/Necklace Ruche/Watch:Eddie Bauer (gift)
My youngest, Ashton wanted to help take pictures today...she thought it would be fun to hold the camera all "wonky", she also loves telling mommy how to pose!

This is another shot that Ashton took...I think it's pretty fabulous!