Monday, June 20, 2011

Stand Up Straight!

My Gran will be so disappointed in me! It wasn't until I saw these pictures that I realized what poor posture I have!
I am a fairly tall woman, standing at about 5'10", so when I put on heels I am a towering mass of fabulosity that can block out the sun when needed! I never realised until today that I appear to shrug a little, and I'm guessing that somewhere in my subconscious I've been doing this to reduce my height! How horrible! When I tell people to accept themselves as fabulous and I can't do the same! It's a shame too, you can't tell from these pictures since I was engaged in said shrugging, but this combination really elongates my body, which I love! (But subconsciously despise?) I suppose if I were a good little blogger I would try to redo these pictures...but instead I'm going to practice balancing books on my head. Hopefully tomorrow I will be standing a little taller!
Skirt, Banana Republic thrifted/Scarf, Cuff and Dollman Top, Ruche/Sandals, Payless/Ring, trendz The Salon Spa

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