Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Lovin

Yes, I just quoted a song from Grease! It seems appropriate given that today is the first official day of summer. To celebrate, I thought I'd wear some "sunny" colors! I also practiced my posture...Gran will be prouder of me today!
See! Just look at how tall I'm standing!
Thanks to my new found book balancing skills...
Tee hee! I said I was going to practice!
Skirt,belt,  necklace and earrings, Kohl's/ Shirt, ring, target/Cardigan, LOFT (thrifted)/Shoes, Journeys

In addition to celebrating the first day of summer, I'd like to celebrate the birthday of one of my dearest friends, Kristy. There are a handful of people who "get" me, and most of them live under the same roof as me. Kristy is a rare gem of a friend who totally understands me, she's priceless (hence her nickname, MasterCard!).
Soooooo Happy Birthday MasterCard!
Hahanbags Gender! (Don't worry, she gets that too!)


Palko said...

Love the outfit. Happy bday to Kristy. Your neighbors must be thinking you're a strange one

FAB said...

...they probably already did! Let's face it, I'm weird!