Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ten things

The lovely ladies of Academichic, have proposed a Dress Your Best Week. Actually, it's their 3rd annual Dress Your Best Week. From June 20 to July 1, the idea is to think of five body parts we most like and dress to accentuate them. This made me start thinking...Do I even have five body parts that I like? The only thing that ever comes to mind is my mouth, I have full lips and a mouth that produces multiple, eloquent statements daily (hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!) OK, sorry, I shouldn't be self deprecating, defeats the purpose!


Top and bracelets, Target/Jeans, LOFT/Necklace, Ruche/Shoes, American Eagle for Payless

Since pictures were taken indoors my dogs had to get in on the action. Chihuahua Gizmo, Husky Boomer (They are my favorite 4 and 3 legged friends respectively-will explain the 3 legs another day!)

Anyway now that I've seen these pictures I'm not a fan of this outfit...or maybe it's James' photography! Regardless, I'm posting since this is what I wore today. I do love the pants and the top, but maybe not together any more...seems to add 20 pounds to my frame!

And...getting back on subject I thought all day about five possible favorite features and after struggling I came up with some. I had a much easier time thinking of things I just like about ME, so I'm adding those five too!
5 features:
1. My mouth  2. My long legs and height   3. My hourglass waist   4. My neck    5. My collar bone
5 things I like about me:
1. I am funny and fun!   2. I am passionate about what I believe in and the people I love!  3. I'm not afraid to look foolish    4. I am a hard worker   5. I am fiercely loyal

Now, tell me, what do you love about you?

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