Thursday, July 7, 2011

"I love your look! It's all retro...."

The young girl behind the counter at American Eagle kept eyeing me up as she chatted, and then she said to me "I love your look! It's all retro." So, nice little ego boost today as I shopped for my son's birthday presents. Yes, today is his birthday (and yes I JUST picked up his gifts----bad mommy!). My little baby boy is a big grown 15! One of these days I'll have a picture of him on here, but between working out and hanging out he hardly has time for mommy's blog!

  Tee and Coral Bead Bracelets:Target/Skirt and Silver Bangles:H&M/Belt, Necklace and Shoes:Thrifted's outfit is colorful, a little classic and appeals to a demographic of the younger kind!
...and wishing a most HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my first born, my one and only son and my comedic relief. Love you Tyler!


Keira L. said...

I love it! I've been on a search for pleated skirts (especially cheap vintage ones at thrift stores) but no luck yet. I think this outfit is adorable, and so ladylike :)

Also, just wanted to say how much I appreciate all of your kind words, encouragement, and support on my blog! You're just the best.

Christina said...

Such a cute necklace. I do love the retro look. Thanks for being such an avid reader of my blog.


FAB said...

Thank you Ladies!
Keira, it's a shame I can't teleport our Goodwill your way...I've spied multiple pleated skirts, including this navy wool one which I may have to pick up for fall if it's still there next time! Also, Keira, I've only blog stalked you fir months (in an uncreepy way, honest) so the least I can do is give props where it's due! That goes for you too Christina!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm tickled! Honestly, I am this cheesy in person...but I swear it's endearing! ;)

lauraapriljayne said...

looove this skirt, amazing looks:)