Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Can You Point Me To The Yellow Brick Road?

My Dress has a name. It is pretty much my favorite thing ever! I picked it up from Ruche, where they name all of their clothes, but this name I actually remember...and I introduce it to people. Meet "Take me to the Emerald City." It was one of my first purchases from Ruche last year, and I have been in love with them since! I even twirled my hair and applied fake lashes to don this beauty today! While it's not actually vintage, it certainly has a vintage feel, which I adore...and when I put it on I feel like Donna Reed or something...granted I don't start gliding through the house in my heels with an apron is I bake and humm a sweet little diddy, but I could!
Picture from: http://www.donnareedshow.com/articles/entweek.gif

 Dress:Rouche/Heels and Bracelet:Target/Pick ring:Avon/Purse:Coach/Watch:Eddie Bauer (gift)
I was working on Donna Reed-like pose, when Savannah told me I looked ridiculous...this created some laughter and double chins (thanks Savannah for pointing out the extra chin!)
So I won't be twirling around my kitchen anytime soon, I'd rather wear this dress while saving the world. In the interim, I gotta go...my eyelashes are falling off!


Lino said...

Thank you for checking out my blog, yours is beautiful! That dress is perfection and coach is once of my favourite purse brands. Keep up the good work, I'll be following!

Natalie. x


FAB said...

Thank you Natalie!
Can't wait to read your next post!