Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beauty and Style Know No Age

Most, not all, but most of the style bloggers I adore are in their 20's. At times I wonder if maybe I'm too old to be doing this and then I remind myself that one can be fabulous no matter the age and that's kind of the point of this blog in the first place! So...a little bonus post today....a handful of the beautiful and stylish women I could think of this morning.

Anne Hathaway age 28

Gabouray Sidibe age 28

Drew Barrymore age 36 (she's about a month older than I)

Queen Latifah age 41

Selma Hyek age 44

Demi Moore age 48

Sarah Jessica Parker age 46

Helen Mirren age 65
Gwyneth Paltrow age 38
Cameron Diaz age 38
Jada Pinkett Smith age 39

These are just some of the women that came to me as I was pondering it this morning...any you would like to add to the list?


Palko said...

Sophia Loren

FAB said...

Pooh yes! Good one!

Carma said...

hi. my 1st time on your blog. You know what, I don't believe style has to vary with age. Look at Demi Moore. She is even more gorgeous than a lot of women younger than her=)

FAB said...

Well thanks for stopping by! You're right, age, body type, even money make no difference when it comes to style! Hope you stop by again!

Cindy L. said...

Helen Gurley Brown was 43 when she became editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine. You're so not too old for this! :)

FAB said...

Ha! Thanks Cindy!