Monday, September 26, 2011

10 and 2:A Recap

Well my friends, I officially finished with the 10 and 2 challenge and am so happy that Megan started this. It was much fun and it's helping me to "trim some fat" from my closet. So, here is a run down, let's start with the items I am tossing!
You're Outta Here!
Say goodbye diaper pants! There will be no more mystery...I do not pee my pants yet!
Adieu to you, strange shaped top! No one will ask me my due date ever again!

You get a second chance to make me feel special!
Here are the items I'll be keeping
Yes, little white blouse...I have been reintroduced to your possibilities, you may stay!
You may be tight and low cut and have a lot going on, but the masses have saved you with votes to keep you in the closet...the flower, however will be removed! Weep not little friend, consider it as a face lift!
Sweet little birdies! You can stay...I don't know why I ever avoided you in the first place!
Lovely little dress, you may be too short, but I own tights and leggings...we can make it work!
I may look a little like Captain Jack Black in you pirate blouse, but you are a keeper! I will not be pairing you with a eye patch!
Slouchy sweater, I have decided I like you enough to keep you. Let's style on together!
Little black flats with the bow, you may stay!
Blazer, you are an 11th item that was thrown into the mix as well...I am undecided as to your fate! Perhaps the masses(all 3 of them) will help me decide? hehe