Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Shark

I once heard that blogs are like sharks...if they don't keep moving, they die. I neglected my poor blog for two days in a row! I know...the horror! I hope she's OK? On Sunday, I pretty much stayed in my pajamas all day as I rearranged and cleaned my house, did paperwork and had some Bowenwork done. Still tired from not resting at all over the weekend, yesterday I just decided to skip blogging in favor of a little more cleaning followed my mindless TV on the couch. But...duhna, duhna, duhna...I'm back! (Does that look the right sound for the jaws music?hmmmmm?)
Dress and Shoes:Thrifted/Necklace:Lane Bryant
P.S. I love this dress...it's thrifted so I bought it for like $2.50, it's easy shape means I can do any number of things with it, but I decided to just add some pearls and go! Easy fab!