Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Label Jars

It doesn't matter if you are non-disabled, disabled, straight, gay, bi, transgender, short, tall, slender or curvy. it doesn't matter from where you are descended or what your religious beliefs.

You are human and you are beautiful! The only label that matters is the one you give yourself and when you accept you free from judgement, you stop judging others and can embrace everyone as the incredible, beautiful, powerful people they are!

You, yes you are beautiful! Own it, wear it proudly along with your individuality and everything that makes you the unique and beautiful creature you are! So worry not about how others may label you or even try to oppress you, you have the power within yourself to define you!

I am woman, I am mother, I am survivor, I am "warrior princess" (OK, I didn't give myself that label, someone else called me that-thanks Doug-and I rather like it so I'm keeping it!), I am fabulous! Who are you?

Top:Izod/Skirt, necklace and belt: thrifted/Shoes: Target


Emma said...

love the color of your shirt cheryl... well matched with this beautiful skirt

AMINTA said...

Thats a really lovely message!! I just found your blog, I think you are really sweet dear.


Sara said...

You're amazing Cheryl! love the messages you give to us! and you look beautiful with that skirt!! :)

FAB said...

Thank you ladies! :)

Castle Fashion said...

:) I like the "warrior princess" label. My boyfriend calls me a "pony princess" sometimes because I really want a pony.But you're right. People forget that we're humans and we're all the same sometimes. This post made me smile. And I love the skirt.

Castle Fashion

FAB said...

Yasmeen, I made you smile! That is the best compliment!!!!

Julie said...


Thanks for sharing such a lovely sentiment. <3

Pretty Things said...

lovely post - you look really cute!



Vania Clarissa said...

hey darling thanks for visiting and leaving comment on my blog :)

following you now , hope you want to follow me back


TALI said...

this is cute skirt!


CessOviedo said...

I'm strong and independent! Loved the warrior princes title, as much as I loved that skirt, so pretty!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

FAB said...

Thanks Cess...I love that one too! And I love that you are strong and independent!

And thanks to everyone else too!