Monday, October 3, 2011

Tender is the night

Well, time seems to a limited commodity these days, so I have done very little blogging. Then, between my computer not working, my camera deciding to act strange and shorter days and limited daylight, getting and posting any pictures has proven to be quite the feat! I'm wondering if it's a sign that I shouldn't be blogging? we have some very dark pictures from last week. I swear we started taking them before sunset, but it seems it must have been after?
But even dusk can't stop Ashton from being, well, Ashton! HAHA!
Shirt:thrifted/Skirt:H&M/Shoes:target/Necklace:The Shine Project/Bracelet:Gift/Ring:Ruche

Meanwhile, for the 100 day stretch I have continued not to shop despite the frequent e-mails I get from my favorite stores trying to lure me back! Sooooooo tempting! I also somehow managed to only pick up my moms prescriptions at Target over the weekend, this is a feat of extraordinary proportions! I can't enter Target without leaving with some sort of unnecessary clothing item for any member of my household or something for my home itself. Yes, I have virtually broken my own arm as I pat myself on the back! I'm really only having limited shopping withdrawal for which I am very grateful, and strangely enough I feel kind of liberated to not be plagued with either shopping desire or post-shopping guilt! At this rate, I may actually start to save money! whoa! You're right, let's not get too carried away yet.