Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Poor Bessie!

I don't know if I've told you this, but I practically live in my car. Between my two primary jobs I cover a 10 (or more) county area. On any given day I may be commuting at least two hours away from home. This morning was such a day. I was headed to Clarion County, about a two hour drive, to give two classes. I was excited because it was a new training I had written and today would be the first time I tested it out. So, I left my house, all prettied up and ready for my exciting day, and several miles from home I noted a clanking sound coming from my car. "hmmmm?" thinks I, "does it always do that?" and continued to drive. 
Me, pouting about what you are about to read...
By the time I got to the toll road, the noise got louder.----Now, let's pause here for a moment before I describe what I did next, because I really am a bright woman. I mean, I'm no rocket scientist, but I have a brain that functions quite well 99% of the time. OK, to resume story----Apparently, my reaction to the louder clanking noise was to enter some strange grieving process, the first step of which is denial. I turned up the radio! As if drowning out the noise would make it go away? ( really Cheryl? Really?!) Then Bessie (my car) made it clear I could ignore her exhaustion no longer...BOOM, BAM, a thud...then smoke! I managed to pull Bessie over to the side of the road, where I sat astonished for a moment.
Poor, poor Bessie...OK, this isn't her in the picture, because Bessie is at the car doctor...but you get the point!

Long story short...I managed to make it to Clarion after making some calls, even though I made it late, and Bessie will hopefully be fixed. I was shaken, on the verge of tears, and prepared to have a nervous breakdown, but, everyone I really needed in that moment, from James, to my mom, to my sister, my co-worker and my boss, acted swiftly and primarily with concern for me. While I don't recommend starting your day this way...I have to say that when Bessie gets sick, or there is some other horrible thing happening in my life, people amaze me with their love and support. So the next time it's a tough day, don't be afraid to reach out for help, because it's amazing how many people are willing, and you discover the strength of your support system! I am one lucky woman....with one tired car.
Skirt:B.Moss/Cardigan:NY&Co./Dress (Worn as Blouse)(remix) and Cuff:Ruche/Necklace:Lia Sophia/Earrings:Target/Belt:Thrifted/Shoes:TJ Maxx