Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Wrong Belt!

I stayed up late last night watching Insidious with James...Spooky! I had my outfit all planned, but then got up late and didn't have time to switch things around before I had to rush out the door to go train all day. So, I had intended to wear my orange belt with this outfit, however the orange belt was thrifted and I couldn't pass it up, even though it's small. It fits my waist, but because these pants sit on my hips...I couldn't get it to fasten! So, I'm wearing a white belt, because I couldn't justify stopping on my way to buy another orange one.
 -No I did not have to use the bathroom...I have already confessed, me and pictures don't get along!
 Blouse and Earrings:Rouche/Jeans, Sandals, Cocktail Ring and Coral Bracelets:Target/Tank:Old Navy
Aren't the butterflies just fabulous?

So today's outfit is a mix of all different kinds of colors I wouldn't normally pair:black and blue and orange and coral and white and neon pink nails! But I gotta say, I like it, so what d'ya gonna do?


Meredith said...

so pretty!! love the red lips and the flowy top. and i really like the color combo, not too bright by a long stretch:)

FAB said...

Thank you Meredith!

Bad Joan said...

Really love that necklace against that black and white print.

Anonymous said...

The butterflies are totally fabulous! I just picked up a colorful butterfly shirt and can't WAIT to wear it :)

FAB said...

Thank you!