Monday, July 11, 2011

Pink, Blue and "Junk"

After getting home from work today, the girls and I headed over to the elementary school where they have this great one room school house. Savannah enjoyed taking pictures, while Ashton enjoyed eating chocolate...which then got everywhere. To take a look at her covered in chocolate head to facebook, where you can also see some other outtakes. Meanwhile, I realized I own a lot of blue! I love this blouse paired with the light pink bandage skirt though, it definitely made me happy today. This skirt highlights a feature I didn't even know I had before I put it on! You see, I have none of the proverbial "junk in the trunk," this trunk is empty, but this skirt somehow made it look like there was some "junk" back there! So I had fun as J Lo for a day...ok so maybe not that much "junk," but a girl can dream!

 Blouse:H&M/Skirt, Lace Socks and Earrings:Ruche/Tank:Target/Shoes:Kohl's


moonstruck-expose said...

Adore your skirt! so pretty! Love al these pictures! I'm so happy I just stumbled on your blog- I love it!

I am following you now! :)

moonstruck exposé

x. juliana

FAB said...

Well thank you!!!!!!

Marcello said...

The skirt really fit to you :)
I like it!


FAB said...

Thank you Marcello!