Saturday, June 18, 2011


Yes, I just made up a word!
 It describes this fabulous combination of feminine and "tough", saying "I may be all "moto cool" on the outside but I'm soft and girly on the inside!" Haha, I make me laugh!

 Dress,necklace and bracelet, Ruche/Jacket, belt, and shoes,Target/Earrings, vintage

Today, since fabulous partner James picked this jacket for me, he took the pics. hence, in most of them I'm in between some awkward pose because he felt it was more "natural" that way. Me and photos don't get along, I love pictures because I'm a visual person, but I'm not so visually impressive in many pictures. Just not photogenic. Trust me, I'm better in person, but unfortunately then in addition to seeing me, you also have to hear me...and that could go on and on and on and....

This afternoon we celebrated my nephews birthday! He is one of my most favorite people. My sister arranged a great picnic in the park with great company....

                                                                 ...and great food!

Happy Birthday Dylan!


Sarah said...

I really like that jacket of yours--the cut and color! And how perfect to enjoy the park and a party! I wish the weather would play nice here.

FAB said...

Thank you Sarah!