Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 1

 This is me! Hi!
       Dress and Necklace: thrifted, Belt: Target, Sweater and Earrings: Ruche
This is me and my youngest, Ashton
This is me and my oldest daughter, Savannah

So, this is my first EVER fashion post...and I feel silly! First, I had to try to pose, which I am not good just comes off very awkward! Second, my fabulous daughters had to double as my photographers, and they were really great at making "mommy" feel even more awkward and silly! Third....well I'm not sure, but I'll bet there is a lot more I could add to the reasons I feel silly...but I look FABULOUS doing it! Ha!


parkerc111 said...

Your youngest daughter says you're the brains in the family because, "She's smart, she has THREE jobs and she's very good with fashion."
BTW I love those black shorts and the black/white dress you wore the other day (thrifty).

FAB said...

HAHA! Thanks! I'm sure those "thrifty" outfits will make it on here too! LOL