Wednesday, September 7, 2011


We all have "things" about ourselves we would prefer were different or don't like. For example, after three children and an amazingly expandable stomach (who knew they could get that big!), my abs are no more and shall never return. In their place I have this soft mass, covered in what looks like a road map...also known as stretch marks! For this reason, you will never see me in a bikini, I mean NEVER! Perhaps I could get laser surgery to fix the road map, and I understand they can even give ab implants (no way!), however, rather than worrying about what I would prefer were different, I accept it as it is and move on.
I don't look at other women's stomach's with envy either. Jealousy makes no sense...that only makes ME feel bad, and why would I want that? 
I also have that incredible gummy smile you see there. Huge teeth and massive gums right?! I used to only half smile when I was much younger as I felt embarrassed by my smile.Now I smile almost constantly...really, people have called me "smiley," and do you know I get tons of compliments on my smile? Do you know why? Not because my gums are sexy, but because my smile is genuine, when it's offered it is from a place of sincerity and that's what people see! I learned a while ago to accept me as I am...even when there were things I needed to change. For example before I lost a little weight, I accepted myself at the weight I was and was happier that way, but my low cholesterol diet resulted in some weight loss and I'm OK with that too.
Whatever you do. start it by accepting your own appearance. Love the skin you are in, love your body in all it's flawed perfection, it's your temple, carrying you through this one elses body can do that for you and wishing it were different hurts one! See that flawed smile of mine up there, as flawed as it is, my lips are my favorite feature, you will rarely see me without lipstick because I like to accentuate the positive! So accept you as YOU are RIGHT NOW! and feel free to play with parts of you that you love, rock that cinched belt to highlight your hourglass figure, wear those rockin heels to show off your hot legs, but most of all wear the confidence of knowing you are so beautiful! You are fabulous! You are so uniquely and amazingly and perfectly YOU! I love that about you!
Dress, Scarf and Belt/H&M/Cardigan:Kohl's/Shoes:Kohl's/Necklace:Lia Sophia/Ring:Ruche